Monday, August 31, 2009

[5 Days To Go] Nice Going, Detroit Free Press

This is looking more and more like an editorial blunder:
"Detroit Free Press columnist Michael Rosenberg's expose on Michigan workout program revealed a shocking breach of rules that should cause somebody to lose his job. That somebody is Michael Rosenberg's editor."
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The Huge Blog:
"The Free Press' story seemed forced and one-sided. If rules actually were violated and there is proof, then the NCAA will deal with it and rightfully so. Michigan football should get hit if it cheated."
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We'll let others do the talking, including parents of current Michigan players:

Ron Stokes (Je'Ron Stokes' Father):
"I think it is a DISGRACE for any person with the "power of the pen", to mis-use that priviledge for ill intent. For the reporter that interviewed my son, "twisted his quotes in such a way to bring suspicion on our Michigan program, is pathetic!!! Coach Rich Rod, and his staff run a very respectable program, and they do a wonderful job of making sure that their staff as well as their players understand the NCAA rules, as well as the team rules. My son by know means has any complaints, with the Coaches, the workouts etc... HE LOVE MICHIGAN, HE LOVES BLUE NATION, and he is excited and ready to go into this season with his teamates who are just as excited to be part of a special season in yet another page of Michigans history to regain National prominence."
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Obi Ezeh's Parents:
"Grand Rapids Catholic Central standout Obi Ezeh now plays linebacker for the Michigan Wolverines. His parents say they're stunned by the accusations, and they don't believe the coaching staff would break NCAA rules. Nkechy Obi told FOX 17 News, "When I read the report, the one thing I said to myself is what's wrong in kids working hard, why is it being twisted now, that they're breaking the rule? I don't think the coaches are breaking any rules and I don't think my son would go along with it."
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Mike Schofield (Michael Shofield's Father):
"He came home, and there was no Barwis police chasing my son around, and at the (offseason) workouts, there were no coaches in disguises and no secret passages. ... This is just the perspective from a parent -- we had a great experience with coach Rod and his staff during recruiting. When the accusations came out, my first feeling was, 'I don't believe them.' "
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Chad Henne, Former Michigan Quarterback:
“Twenty hours is a very, very small portion of what you do, especially if you’re a quarterback at a high-profile school,” Henne, now with the Miami Dolphins, said in a phone interview Sunday. “Twenty hours isn’t enough for you. You have to be in there by yourself, studying film, no coaches around, and doing it on your own. That’s where the leadership comes in and that’s where, if you want to get better and play better, you have to do it on your own.”
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Good work, Rosenberg & Snyder. Journalistic integrity is safe with you two at the helm. Of course, none of this would have been possible without help from their great Editor.

To reach Michael Rosenberg, his office line is 313-222-6052 and his email is

To reach Mark Snyder, his office line is 313-223-3210 and his email is

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