Friday, August 14, 2009

[22 Days To Go] Week 1 Roundup

So, as we end Week 1 of Mustaches For Michigan and we enter Week 2 with twenty-two days to go, we are excited. Excited for Rich Rodriguez to slap some hoes - Notre Dame, MSU, PSU, OSU... maybe even Wayne Brady too. Excited for Michigan to put behind the [expletive deleted] season. And, most importantly, excited for that first game on September 5th.

The alumni and fan base is strong, and we have proof: since we launched, we've had the privilege of being linked on The Wolverine Blog and MGoBlog - two fine representations of our community. Thank you, guys. As Michigan Fans, we salute you. May your mustaches grow exponentially - a logarithmic improbability, we know. But still.

As promised, each Friday we will present you with our growth. Yes in a creepy internet way. Here are some of the photos towards Mustache-dom we have collected (we understand it's been short notice, and we understand that some of you may be joining us a little late. However, we appreciate all of your contributions... and we need more). The Movement is about sporting a mustache for the September 5th opener. But, at its core, it's about showing support for a new era. It's about facing what lies ahead with resolve and purpose.

Mustache, we celebrate you. Michigan's 2009 football squad, we celebrate you too. Oh, what's that you say? Too cheesy? Well thats just our Mustaches speaking. Goddamnit, fine. That's us; we are cheesy. Our mustaches say: GROW A F#*@ING MUSTACHE FOR MICHIGAN!

We're behind you, Rich.

Week 1 photo update:

As always, keep sending us your photos to Go Blue.

Et Cetera: Shout out to The Wright Stache... You're preaching to the choir, my man.


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