Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bunches of Mustaches

Jarrod Bunch. Michigan Football captain, 1st round NFL draft pick, Hollywood actor. I had the pleasure of working with Jarrod over the last month on a new ABC show called, "The Forgotten." Check out his episode, "Football John," next Tuesday, October 6th at 10:00 pm.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Space is Limited

Notre Dame's Lucky To Have You, Part II

Earlier this week, we happened upon a real nugget of quintessential Notre Dame fandom. Since his prediction/manifesto/declaration-o'-delusion did not come to pass, a rationalization was certain to arrive. And it did. This time armed with a little anonymity and an emery board, he lays out for us a tasty spread. We can't help but revel in his alternate universe, presumably filled with leprechauns, rainbows, and pots o' gold. We're not certain where Weis would fit into this wondrous landscape, but we have a feeling he'd be riding a unicorn of Clydesdale proportions with gummy bear feeding bags at his sides.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rich Rod Wants You to Capture This Moment

Word up, faithful. Michigan has been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage. Now, Rich Rod wants you to "Lose Yourself." Why? Because success is his only motherf***ing option. Failure's not.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For Those About to Rock, Rich Rod Salutes You

Notre Dame's Lucky To Have You, Fella

At Mustaches For Michigan, we take pride in our fandom, but we like to think we do it with a certain levity. So when we caught a glimpse of this gem of a Notre Dame fan, we couldn't resist giving him an extra podium on this very site. It's clear he brings what we so desperately lack. From his hushed tones, to his glaring condescension, to his glorious metaphor about kicking dogs, this particular human really knows where he stands.

Notre Dame is lucky to have you, fella.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Formula for Failure

What is a beard without a mustache?
A loss.

38-34 Michigan. Mustache, man, fucking mustache.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Mustache

Given the recent and continuing conversation about the power of the Forcier, this oldie but goodie seems more than appropriate this morning. We don't need to remind you what happened to Jabba the Hutt when he underestimated said power.

May Jabba the Weis experience absolute and total destruction as well. Grow Blue!

Friday, September 11, 2009

First We Take Western Michigan, Then We Take Berlin

It's Notre Dame week... Or should we say Notre Lame (ZING!). No, that will never get old. As we've done in the past, we'll leave the actual football discussion to the pros. Rather, lets take a superficial look at Weis' supposed schematic advantage:

Golden Dome or Golden Arches?

Edge: Michigan.

Last week during Western Michigan, we came together, bonded by our Mustaches for Michigan, and shot a glorious ray of positive energy into the cosmos. We were gifted in return with our first home opener win since 2006. And thus we established the powerful force of the 'stache. Even the Michigan Daily took notice. Do Not Mess With The Mustache.

The plan was elegant in its sheer simplicity: 1. Grow a beard in August. 2. Shave it into a Mustache for the Opener on the 5th... Success! Michigan 31, Western Michigan 7.

Well, ok, but what now? With Notre Dame coming into Ann Arbor tomorrow, we call upon the power of the 'stache once more. Oh, what's that you say? YOU SHAVED IT OFF ALREADY?? Not to get all heady and intellectualize on your asses, but the Mustache is metaphysical, man. Its power is swirling all around us, growing within us. You just have to believe in the Mustache within. If you have the physical manifestation of hair graciously groomed upon your upper lip, you are a signal of strength, a soldier for the Mustaches for Michigan movement. If your upper lip lay bare, well, friend, just believe and channel the inner mustache that lives next door to that little guy you seldom listen to. Also, print this out:

Click on Image for Full Size or Follow Link

Then cut it out. Now fashion it to a stick. This is your mustache. Now wield it proudly! Tell your friends. Make a few more and give them to your neighbors in the Student Section, or pass them out at your friendly alumni bar. Better yet, utilize the sweat shop that is your pledge class and force them to manufacture 100 apiece.

May the Mustache Rise and Guide Us to Victory Yet Again! GROW BLUE!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Mustache as Divine Inspiration

From his vantage point on high, Bo wondered all summer long what he could possibly do to go "All in for Michigan." Having asked himself, "What Would Bo Do?" the past two seasons, he opted instead to seek out divine inspiration. He didn't have to look too far...

"What Would Jesus Do?" The answer: Grow a Mustache.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Game Day Round Up: I'm in the Photograph

Mustaches for Michigan was a success! The power of the 'stache prevailed!

Thank you for all your incredible support. We hope that you had fun; we know we did. We received photos from so many of you, from all around the country -- groups in D.C., Oklahoma, members of the Michigan Marching Band, even Chris Perry showed up to the L.A. bar rocking a 'stache (although, his inclusion in the Movement is both purely coincidental and totally awesome).

Was it our collective mustaching efforts that guided our team to victory? You tell us...

Mustache, man, mustache.

Next up: Notre Dame.

[keep sending us photos of your mustaches. for those of you that have sent in submissions and haven't heard back from us: you rock. you know it. we know it. keep on on rocking. send to mustaches4michigan@gmail.com]

Saturday, September 5, 2009

[Mustache Day] WE DID IT!!!

Our heartfelt congratulations to this 2009 team, to Rich Rodriguez, and to the whole Michigan family. We just got back from watching the game at the LA alumni bar, and we have to say, we can't even express how gratifying that W was.

For the last month, we've been growing out our beards, blogging about our team, and looking forward to this day with excruciating anticipation. And now that it finally has happened, and to see our Team perform on par with our wildest expectations, we almost don't have the words to express ourselves. But we'll give it a shot ...

That was one of the most cathartic moments of our lives. We know, it was only Western Michigan, and some people might say that to lasso your happiness to a college football team is insane, juvenile, or just plain ridiculous. But we know that if you've found your way here, to a blog about mustaches, twice removed from college football, you must have a pretty serious addiction yourselves.

2008 seems to be firmly in the rear view mirror. We saw flashes of brilliance today from a wide number of new starters, true freshmen, and stalwart veterans. This season will still have to play itself out, but the feeling we have right now is in the realm of boundless optimism. We love this 2009 Michigan Football team. We truly believe in Rich Rodriguez, and we showed the world with our Mustaches on this beautiful day.

Check back in next week for pictures, more commentary, and more mustached exuberance. HAIL HAIL. Mustaches For Michigan.

[0 Days to Go] It's here!

The day of mustache reckoning is upon us! May the power of the 'stache prevail!

Send in your mustached photos from game day to mustaches4michigan@gmail.com


Thursday, September 3, 2009

[2 Days To Go] Must. Shave. Soon.

We're soooo close. 2 more days to go. The anticipation is palpable. Can you feel it? We can. On our faces. It's tangible. It's thick. And it wants to be unleashed on Western Michigan.

Those of you who have made it this far: we commend you. Lord knows this isn't mandatory. Unless you believe the Detroit Free Press. In which case you're cursing us and calling your parents to come get you lest an investigation tears down The Movement with you aboard.

As we approach Saturday, don't forget to take photos of your final product; grab the mustached stranger across the bar who suddenly doesn't seem so strange, and let's get us some group shots.

[Send your glory to mustaches4michigan@gmail.com. Results to be posted following the game.]

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[3 Days To Go] The Forcier Runs Strong In Your Family

Boda's mustache is existential

“Ready are you? What know you of ready? For eight hundred years have I trained Wolverines. My own counsel will I keep on how many hours you are to be trained.

“Remember, a Wolverine’s strength flows from the Mustache. But beware. Anger, fear, aggression, a poor excuse for 'journalism' ... the dark side are they. My ally is the Mustache, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Mustache around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, the football, everywhere, yes.”

To be continued …

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[4 Days to Go] It's Coming. It's Coming. It's Coming.

20 Stories High, Made of Radiation.

As we grind out the last week of waiting -- oh so patiently waiting for football to come, dear Lord, let it be September already -- and growing out our beards, we can finally look forward to the upcoming weekend without going batshit insane. And part of that means planning...

You have no doubt already mentally worked through that night before, waking up in the morning, and taking part in all the rituals and pageantry of game day. Are you waking up early to make the drive in to Ann Arbor so you can secure a spot for tailgating? Are you heading down Hill Street and catching a friendly house party, red solo cups in hand? Will you be gathering for Bloody Mary's and breakfast with fellow Michigan grads and heading out to your local alumni bar? What ever it is your are planning, you have no doubt thought out every detail -- what shirt you are wearing, your lucky Michigan bottle opener that sings "The Victors," your Michigan pint glass that was chipped during the '06 Notre Dame beatdown so now you have to be wary of what side of the glass you drink from. The fever pitch is coming to a head. Saturday can't come soon enough, the anticipation of Beer Blasting building so that you feel you might burst from seams!

It's coming.

You're even watching pump-up videos with dramatic scores and thinking, "This isn't even totally lame. Rock on."

But the question remains: Have you thought about what style of Mustache you will be sporting on Sept. 5th? Hopefully, you've taken into consideration shaving and grooming into account as you fantasized about this coming Saturday. So allow us to be the first to tell you, if you don't already know -- there are bunches of ways to style the 'stache! Will it be the classic (and white trashish) chevron? A handle-bar? The pencil mustache? Decisions, decisions.

So before you get carried away with images of sugar-plumbs and Brandon Minor dancing in your head, consider thy 'stache. Plan it. And don't forget to take pictures.

We will be posting a round-up of your photos from game day on Labor Day. Your know where to send them: mustaches4michigan@gmail.com

Grow Blue!

[4 Days to Go] We're Behind You, Rich

Feast your eyes on this:
Go Blue! We're behind you, Rich.