Thursday, August 13, 2009

[23 Days to Go] The Mustache and What Could Have Been

September 1, 2007—A day that shall live in infamy. Only, we here at Mustaches for Michigan wish that it wouldn’t live on at all. But to this day, we still have nightmares of “The Horror.” How could we not? As much as we’d love to place said event firmly in the rearview and never look back (and we try), there are those who conspire to keep it front and center. That Sportsline’s Dennis Dodd feels compelled to continually make mention should come as no surprise. Dennis Dodd works for CBS. That same network continues to employ Gary Danielson, after all.

Stay Tuned, More at 11

Unfortunately, Dodd’s not alone in his mission of continued misery. This very morning, Bloomington's Herald-Times sportswriter Hugh Kellenberger made reference on the Hoosier Scoop. “First, Appalachian State pulled off the upset of the century.” It should be noted, Hugh Kellenberg attended Appalachian State. How he found his way across the Mason-Dixon line and into Big Ten country remains a mystery. It’s no mystery wherefore neither Kellenberger, nor Dodd, nor Danielson sport a mustache.

No Mustaches. No Surprise.

Those sporting mustaches are for us. Those not sporting mustaches are against us. This much is clear. It follows that on the morning of September 1, 2007, Armanti Edwards ate some breakfast, took a shower, and then promptly and thoroughly shaved. Where the events of the day truly begin to take shape is in the opposing locker room with one, Chad Henne.

Et tu, Henné?

It does not require a keen eye to surmise what’s sorely missing. Yet, photo evidence suggests that Henne was oftentimes far from clean shaven. There exists many a picture of him cradling a beer in one hand and a blonde in the other with the seedling of a Michigan Mustache taking root on his upper lip. There is little doubt he scored, and repeatedly so, on those evenings of photographic record. This begs the question, could “The Horror” have been avoided if Henne had manned up the week prior?

Oh! If Only We'd Known Then, What We Know Now

There's little doubt. RoboStache equals championship.

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