Friday, August 21, 2009

[15 Days to Go] Week 2 Round Up

Comrade Rodriguez deplores you: Where is your beard??

And you, our brethren in the Mustaches for Michigan Revolution, have answered.

Thanks for the Mustaches, Michigan fans. Remember to keep sending in those photos. As we've said in this space before...
Ah the anticipation of a new season, a chance to put 2008 in the past, and levy our growing optimistic expectations of the season. Drink beer, watch football. Do manly things. With Mustaches. For Michigan. Where ever you may be - the Big House, tailgating, your favorite alumni bar, your living room - you will document the occasion through modern photographic technology and send us pictures of your mustaches. We will post them.


Because ultimately, Mustaches for Michigan is about community, man. It's about showing our support in an ironically juvenile manner. It's about banding together, forming the solidarity and bonds that only a mustache can spurn. Think, just think!, of all the Mustached Michigan Men out there watching that same game with a beer foam mustache... on their mustache. Together we will come together and form a network of mustaches, and when you call me (how did you get my number?), it will not be me that answers. It will be my mustache.
With every Mustache for Michigan, we are creating a network of mustaches, a circuit of positive energy. Each individual mustache a pod, of sorts, that collectively feeds a current to the greater machine. Yours, mine, every Mustached Michigan Man becomes a force that will lift up like tiny, bristly antennas to the sky, connecting to each other and strengthening in numbers, adding to the ethos of Michigan Football.

This is the mustache collective. So fucking grow that Mustache for Michigan.
Welcome to the ranks, our mustachioed friends. Here's to your mustache!

Follically Yours,

Mustaches for Michigan.

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  1. Seriously Hooper? Weak. Consider yourself served.


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