Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[10 Days To Go] The Better Half

At a glance, this whole Mustaches For Michigan thing isn't the most feminine of movements. Letting loose a full crop of whiskers on the tract of land that is your upper lip is downright masculine. It screams, "I'm a dude, I know I'm a dude, don't believe me? Here are my credentials!" But that isn't the intention of The Movement, and alternative vehicles like Pregnant For Michigan would have required several more months of advance notice for the proper effect on September 5th.

The intention, as belabored as it may be at this point, is to unite fans on September 5th in a visual cacophony... Whether you are at the Big House, an alumni bar, or in the family room of your parents' home where Mom serves you Capri Sun and still does your laundry because you can't bring yourself to face that scary, scary world out there.

Truth is, it doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't matter who you are, and it doesn't matter what gender you are, so long as you support one basic premise: that Michigan, their 3-9 season record, and Rich Rodriguez are worth rooting for.

A little while ago, we posted a link to this. It's a template for a mustache. A Mustache For Michigan. Print it out. Cut it. Wear it. Brandish it like a knife or use it to call attention to the waitress when she passes your table for the umpteenth time without bringing another ice cold pitcher.

But use it wisely. Because it's a mustache. For Michigan.

[Keep the photos coming; send us your progress to]

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