Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[18 Days To Go] Staches in Sports: Unleashing The Power

St. Louis enhances performance the old fashioned way.

We sit here in mid-August and revel in the subtle changes that occur when you start preparing your misshapen grill for a glorious mustache. Whiskey suddenly seems more appropriate. Watching Tombstone produces a sense of community. And shaven people somehow seem weaker and ineffective.

But the changes are a bit farther reaching. We're finding that especially true in the realm of sports. And one need not go back very far to find examples.

Take the recent success of the St. Louis Cardinals: In June, the uninspired team lost 17 of 29 games, including losses in 7 of their last 9 games. And then... the power of The Stache brought them back. They started growing nose gardens July 1. The result? They now stand atop the NL Central standings.

Said manager Tony La Russa:

"The better they pitch, the better they look. I thought (Tuesday) night Wainwright looked gorgeous."

Well done, fellas.

We can do better than this Rice player

Or take the Rice Owls: the team began growing mustaches last year in Houston during the preseason, not shaving until their first loss against Vanderbilt. How did they fare? They went 10-3, finishing with a win over none other than... a clean shaven Western Michigan in the Texas Bowl.

Rice, we salute your mustached insight.

And Western Michigan: The Mustache is coming for you. Again.

[Keep the photos coming; send us your progress to mustaches4michigan@gmail.com. The next roundup is this coming Friday.]

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