Tuesday, August 11, 2009

[25 Days to Go] By the Power of Greyskull!

We are talking about a force. Something mystical, something charmed, something, well, magical. We are talking about Mustaches.

Many a religion has been built around a powerful, ethereal feeling. We have words like 'fate' and 'karma' which evoke that otherworldly and spiritual feeling - something out there, above, all around us: energy.

When it comes to sports, we might ascribe trinkets with the power of positive energy - a talisman. Perhaps its a sequence of events you do - a ritual. Let's call this superstition. This is the belief that your practices (wearing the same shirt you've worn since freshman year on game days; that shot of Jagermeister at the moment of kick off) adds to the positive energy and has an effect on the overall outcome of the game.

Logically, though, we know that our ratty t-shirts and blood-alcohol level have no tangible affect on the play of college students on a football field. But even the most pragmatic would want to believe that they could somehow sway the Universe into working out in their favor. And now they have their chance.

We are talking about Mustaches! For Michigan. Not only to show our loyalty, but because with enough support to the Mustaching Movement we can tip the scales of fate, add a karmic push of positive energy in Michigan's favor. A mustache is many things, but on September 5th, consider that mustache your talisman.

With every Mustache for Michigan, we are creating a network of mustaches, a circuit of positive energy. Each individual mustache a pod, of sorts, that collectively feeds a current to the greater machine. Yours, mine, every Mustached Michigan Man becomes a force that will lift up like tiny, bristly antennas to the sky, connecting to each other and strengthening in numbers, adding to the ethos of Michigan Football.

This is the mustache collective. So fucking grow that Mustache for Michigan.

Join the Movement and send in your photos to mustaches4michigan@gmail.com.

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