Monday, August 2, 2010

[33 Days to Go] A Call To Upper Lips!

The day is the 2nd of August in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten, the day which the growth of Beards is already twice removed from shaving.

Ye hath been given your quest: Grow a Mustache for Michigan. 

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Mustaches for Michigan effort. If you're here, that means you, my friend, have opted to take part in something bigger than yourself. Bigger than that glorious 'stache can ever get -- bigger even than the dude with that giant mustache in Tombstone and The Big Lebowski. You are here because you, like so many other Michigan Football fans, have proclaimed "Mustache be thine Savior, lead us to a victory against UConn on September 4th!"

So make yourself comfortable, we've got 33 days until kickoff. You've got some time to get your beard on. Each day at Mustaches For Michigan you will find new content to help the Dog Days of August pass. What we generally do not do is break news, or give analysis on Football -- there are already blogs out there that do it better than we ever could; they're linked on the sidebar. We exist because we are a community of Michigan Football faithful whose fandom knows no bounds: Growing a mustache in support of an athletic team makes complete sense to us. 

Because we are a community -- a Mustaches for Michigan Collective -- we love to see you supporting the cause. Send us your photos of that blossoming beard, brother. Each week, Friday's most likely, we will post a Weekly Round-Up of our Beards in Progress. Snap a quick pic on Thursdays and send em to us a 

And don't forget to spread the word. The more mustaches grown in favor of Michigan, the better our chances at bringing home that victory on Sept. 4. That is a fact. There is data somewhere to be found which verifies it. To simplify it for you (I think it's even one of Newton's Laws): Mustache = Win. The more mustaches the bigger the win. And you want Michigan to win, don't you? Monty Python God forbid that we crawl away with a loss to UConn, well if you didn't do your part by participating in our Mustaching Efforts* then the blame rests squarely upon your bald and quivering upper lip. Good luck sleeping at night, jerkoff. But you're here, and you're not a jerkoff (probably). Do spread the word, though. Tell your friends. We're on Facebook. Tell those friends too. We're also on Twitter

You have heard the call to upper lips! Do something about it. Get involved. Grow Blue!

Btw, Monty Python God, nice beard. 

*Ladies and Men who are unable to grow beards and/or Mustaches can still print-a-'sache, so theres' no excuse! 

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