Friday, August 13, 2010

[22 Days to Go] Friday the 13th Gets Hairy

Members of the Mustaches for Michigan Movement:

Happy Friday to you all. And don't let the Friday the 13th thing give you the creeps. It's just an ordinary average friday. The only sort of superstition we believe in is that of our mustaches and their power to influence the outcome of sporting events. All other beliefs involving cats or cracks or umbrellas or whathaveyou is just plain silly.

Next week the Friday Weekly Round-Ups begin! So make sure you snap a quick pic of that beard and send it to us at We want to see all of your beautifully bearded faces.

There is only three more weeks until Football Eve. Those of you who have gotten a late start on your growth, fear not! There is still time. There's also still time to rope in your buddies so you're not the only jackass at your local Alumni bar or section in the Big House with an inexplicable mustache....

If there was only a way you could somehow indicate that your mustache was a Mustache for Michigan. We are toying around with the idea of designing a T-Shirt. If that's something that interests you, please let us know. Email us at

And lastly, we leave you with a link that you should definitely check out. Thanks to Mustachio'er Kevin Haworth for tipping us off to this awesome photo gallery of mustaches from a time period when men were men, a large mustache was a symbol of stature and power, and John Steinbeck looked like House: GO HERE NOW. If you come across anything you find mustache-worthy, don't hesitate to send it our way:

Follicularly Yours,

Mustaches For Michigan.

Grow Blue!

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