Monday, August 23, 2010

[12 Days to Go] Mustaches R People 2, Ya Know.

So... um, yeah. We were kinda absent last week. Here's the thing -- don't judge, ok? -- we have lives and families and work... so so much work. And sometimes, when forced with the harsh reality of our real-world obligations and penning a post for Mustaches for Michigan, the man under the beard, well he's gotta do what he's gotta do. Apologies...

But our beards still flourish!

Seriously, it's like a dammed jungle on our faces. I found a rare species of orchid that cures cancer in there. But, sadly, it was destroyed by poachers.

Theres' been a lot going on with the team. Woolfolk's injury; Tate's wings; panic; BTN Preview; birds and snakes and aeroplanes, Lenny Bruce is not afraid. And our team needs mustaches now more than ever. So continue that growth, sir. Despite our absence in posting, we are still growing mustaches for Michigan. And our faith in the power of the 'stache has never been stronger. Those whiskers on your upper lip, come September fourth, will unite with your fellow mustachers and send a current into the cosmos: each Mustache for Michigan gives our cause more strength -- we will be victorious against the Huskies! "Hail. Hail to the Victors!" says our mustaches. And goddammit, they're right.

If you were worried about our Defense (and we are too), check out Mouton's Beard. It's effing stout, man. That's very telling...

(HT: MGoBlog, of course)

Keep the faith, we'll see you in twelve days.

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