Saturday, September 5, 2009

[Mustache Day] WE DID IT!!!

Our heartfelt congratulations to this 2009 team, to Rich Rodriguez, and to the whole Michigan family. We just got back from watching the game at the LA alumni bar, and we have to say, we can't even express how gratifying that W was.

For the last month, we've been growing out our beards, blogging about our team, and looking forward to this day with excruciating anticipation. And now that it finally has happened, and to see our Team perform on par with our wildest expectations, we almost don't have the words to express ourselves. But we'll give it a shot ...

That was one of the most cathartic moments of our lives. We know, it was only Western Michigan, and some people might say that to lasso your happiness to a college football team is insane, juvenile, or just plain ridiculous. But we know that if you've found your way here, to a blog about mustaches, twice removed from college football, you must have a pretty serious addiction yourselves.

2008 seems to be firmly in the rear view mirror. We saw flashes of brilliance today from a wide number of new starters, true freshmen, and stalwart veterans. This season will still have to play itself out, but the feeling we have right now is in the realm of boundless optimism. We love this 2009 Michigan Football team. We truly believe in Rich Rodriguez, and we showed the world with our Mustaches on this beautiful day.

Check back in next week for pictures, more commentary, and more mustached exuberance. HAIL HAIL. Mustaches For Michigan.

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