Friday, September 11, 2009

First We Take Western Michigan, Then We Take Berlin

It's Notre Dame week... Or should we say Notre Lame (ZING!). No, that will never get old. As we've done in the past, we'll leave the actual football discussion to the pros. Rather, lets take a superficial look at Weis' supposed schematic advantage:

Golden Dome or Golden Arches?

Edge: Michigan.

Last week during Western Michigan, we came together, bonded by our Mustaches for Michigan, and shot a glorious ray of positive energy into the cosmos. We were gifted in return with our first home opener win since 2006. And thus we established the powerful force of the 'stache. Even the Michigan Daily took notice. Do Not Mess With The Mustache.

The plan was elegant in its sheer simplicity: 1. Grow a beard in August. 2. Shave it into a Mustache for the Opener on the 5th... Success! Michigan 31, Western Michigan 7.

Well, ok, but what now? With Notre Dame coming into Ann Arbor tomorrow, we call upon the power of the 'stache once more. Oh, what's that you say? YOU SHAVED IT OFF ALREADY?? Not to get all heady and intellectualize on your asses, but the Mustache is metaphysical, man. Its power is swirling all around us, growing within us. You just have to believe in the Mustache within. If you have the physical manifestation of hair graciously groomed upon your upper lip, you are a signal of strength, a soldier for the Mustaches for Michigan movement. If your upper lip lay bare, well, friend, just believe and channel the inner mustache that lives next door to that little guy you seldom listen to. Also, print this out:

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Then cut it out. Now fashion it to a stick. This is your mustache. Now wield it proudly! Tell your friends. Make a few more and give them to your neighbors in the Student Section, or pass them out at your friendly alumni bar. Better yet, utilize the sweat shop that is your pledge class and force them to manufacture 100 apiece.

May the Mustache Rise and Guide Us to Victory Yet Again! GROW BLUE!

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