Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Game Day Round Up: I'm in the Photograph

Mustaches for Michigan was a success! The power of the 'stache prevailed!

Thank you for all your incredible support. We hope that you had fun; we know we did. We received photos from so many of you, from all around the country -- groups in D.C., Oklahoma, members of the Michigan Marching Band, even Chris Perry showed up to the L.A. bar rocking a 'stache (although, his inclusion in the Movement is both purely coincidental and totally awesome).

Was it our collective mustaching efforts that guided our team to victory? You tell us...

Mustache, man, mustache.

Next up: Notre Dame.

[keep sending us photos of your mustaches. for those of you that have sent in submissions and haven't heard back from us: you rock. you know it. we know it. keep on on rocking. send to mustaches4michigan@gmail.com]

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