Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[4 Days to Go] It's Coming. It's Coming. It's Coming.

20 Stories High, Made of Radiation.

As we grind out the last week of waiting -- oh so patiently waiting for football to come, dear Lord, let it be September already -- and growing out our beards, we can finally look forward to the upcoming weekend without going batshit insane. And part of that means planning...

You have no doubt already mentally worked through that night before, waking up in the morning, and taking part in all the rituals and pageantry of game day. Are you waking up early to make the drive in to Ann Arbor so you can secure a spot for tailgating? Are you heading down Hill Street and catching a friendly house party, red solo cups in hand? Will you be gathering for Bloody Mary's and breakfast with fellow Michigan grads and heading out to your local alumni bar? What ever it is your are planning, you have no doubt thought out every detail -- what shirt you are wearing, your lucky Michigan bottle opener that sings "The Victors," your Michigan pint glass that was chipped during the '06 Notre Dame beatdown so now you have to be wary of what side of the glass you drink from. The fever pitch is coming to a head. Saturday can't come soon enough, the anticipation of Beer Blasting building so that you feel you might burst from seams!

It's coming.

You're even watching pump-up videos with dramatic scores and thinking, "This isn't even totally lame. Rock on."

But the question remains: Have you thought about what style of Mustache you will be sporting on Sept. 5th? Hopefully, you've taken into consideration shaving and grooming into account as you fantasized about this coming Saturday. So allow us to be the first to tell you, if you don't already know -- there are bunches of ways to style the 'stache! Will it be the classic (and white trashish) chevron? A handle-bar? The pencil mustache? Decisions, decisions.

So before you get carried away with images of sugar-plumbs and Brandon Minor dancing in your head, consider thy 'stache. Plan it. And don't forget to take pictures.

We will be posting a round-up of your photos from game day on Labor Day. Your know where to send them: mustaches4michigan@gmail.com

Grow Blue!

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