Monday, October 26, 2009

Gentlemen, Start Your Mustaches

Remember when September loomed large and the Western Michigan game both frightened and excited you? During the doldrums of August we did what any sane group of friends would do to pass the time and show support for our team... We grew mustaches. It was simple:
Phase One: Grow a beard in August.
Phase Two: Shave it down to a mustache come September 5th.
Phase Three: Wear that mustache proudly.
Why the mustache? Well, firstly, why not? And secondly, what's with all the goddamned questions? We had many a reason for our mustached motivation, and it has been since recorded in the tomes and annuls of Here's a recap:

We are talking about Mustaches! For Michigan. Not only to show our loyalty, but because with enough support to the Mustaching Movement we can tip the scales of fate, add a karmic push of positive energy in Michigan's favor. A mustache is many things, but on September 5th, consider that mustache your talisman.

With every Mustache for Michigan, we are creating a network of mustaches, a circuit of positive energy. Each individual mustache a pod, of sorts, that collectively feeds a current to the greater machine. Yours, mine, every Mustached Michigan Man becomes a force that will lift up like tiny, bristly antennas to the sky, connecting to each other and strengthening in numbers, adding to the ethos of Michigan Football.
So we set forth a simple plan: Grow a Mustache for the WMU game. Many a mustached Michigan Man joined the cause. And how'd that work out for us? Mustache, man. Mustache. (It's a thing). The power of the 'stache prevailed.

But as we've watched a rough and tumble young Michigan team roughly tumble to a 5-3 start, it's apparent that our mustaches are needed once again.

Mustaches for Michigan answers the call to action with aplomb -- we've reworked the plan that was so successful in the past:

Phase One : Grow a Beard in November.
Phase Two: Shave it down to a mustache come November 21st.
Phase Three: Wear that mustache proudly.

That's right. The mustache is back! This time the power of the 'stache will be up against the Ohio State Buckeyes. It's the Mustache vs the Buckstache, bitches! And maybe the beard you're cultivating will add some goodwill along the way... Here's to hoping for a 9-3 regular season.

Go forth, now, ye Mustache for Michigan followers and fortify the movement with your follicles. Gentlemen, I say rise! Start your Mustaches!

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