Friday, July 31, 2009

F*#%ing Grow One

Ahhh, the mustache. Its acceptance has ebbed and flowed. During the 1970's, it enjoyed a renaissance of sorts, peaking sometime during the latter part of that decade. The early '80s saw its last stand, and by 1986, it appeared dead. However... dead it is not. What the casual observer does not realize is that these things are cyclical (as is much of life). The lip sweater has laid in waiting, biding its time for its next shot at pop culture.

But that time has not come yet. As of 2009, (and no matter how long Brad Pitt tries to sport one in hopes of bringing it back) the cookie duster is not in vogue. And that is why we present to you this site.

After enduring what can only be called a catastrophe of a season, the Michigan Wolverines gear up for their second year of the Rich Rodriguez era. Despite being only in his 2nd year as head coach, and despite being in the midst of installing a completely new system into a college football institution that has been compared to a museum, there are rivals, media, and fans who are staunchly opposed to the notion that maybe, just maybe, this crazy spread system may take a little time to make productive.

As Michigan Alumni, we are here to say that we support you, Rich. We support Michigan. And we're showing it with our mustaches. We'll be growing beards during the month of August, and on September 5th, we'll be sporting serious staches for that first game. Go Blue.


  1. Rich Rodriguez is one intense mutha trucka.

  2. Nice idea fellas! Remember, mustaches = championships!

  3. Great idea! Nothing brings men together more or creates a stronger brotherhood than the mustache. Why else do you think its maintained such prevalence in our armed forces, police and fire departments, and union workers even after it fell out of favor with the rest of society? It's just that important...